Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weight Loss is Depressing...

Current Weight: 222.6
Total Weight Lost: 7.2

Biggest Challenge: Going out of town for a conference with little opportunities to track what I'm eating.  I think the lack of sleep and physical activity might have done it as well.

Favorite Meals: Chicken salad.

What I'm Most Proud Of: It's only a pound.

Goals for the Week: Not to become depressed with the struggle of losing weight.  I didn't gain it in a day and I'm not going to lose it in a day.


  1. Have faith! You can do it. I too have been struggling with my weight. I need to lose 10-15, but cant seem to shake the extra weight for the life of me.


  2. You can do it! Weight loss is very depressing. What always helps me is to not look at the scale. It is so tempting to look at the scale and get sad if it shows no weight loss. The scale doesn't show changes in body composition, inches lost or muscle gained. I just work out hard and pay attention to how my clothes fit and I only get on a scale every so often. Eat several small meals a day. It keeps your metabolism revved up, but eat the right stuff.

    Lift weights and do intense cardio. IT WORKS!

    hang in there

  3. Girl do not give up! You are making amazing results and it is an up and down process. Give it time and you will develop your own rhythm, trust me I know.

    Sometimes you have to gain in order to really lose. You will come back from this girl, you got my support.



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