Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Confessions of my Inner Fat Kid

So although I've been doing fairly well on Weight Watchers (WW), I've been having a lot of cravings for sweets lately.  It could because I've cut them out signifigantly or Mother Nature has the worst timing.  Either way here goes my confession...

I'm excited for tonight's chocolate cake and ice cream!

This may sound strange for some, but I'm not a chocolate person and for me to be more excited about the dessert thant he actual dinner is just a "fat kid" moment.  I don't mind it beacuse it doesn't happen that often and when it does, I tend to handle it very well.  I get my fix and I move on.  The only thing that's causing me to be a little more cautious is that I've got this craving right before Thanksgiving.  Although I'm not going home, I have been invited to a few home where a healthy Thanksgiving isn't an option.  I just need to stick to the tip with my WW Weekly so I'm not going to gain too much...I won't be weighing in until next week so fingers crossed.

What's your inner fat kid craving?


  1. Warm Apple Pie and vanilla ice cream does the trick for me.

    With the holiday season here, I've found it extremely hard to stay on track with my points. I'm on a get it all out of my system binge and then first thing Monday morning I am going to a meeting, weighing in, and getting back to business lol.

    we all have that fat kid moment huh? glad I'm not the only one struggling w. it.


  2. CHEESECAKE!!!!!!

    I love me some cheesecake! My fave is the turtle flavored.


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