Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Late Weigh In

Current Weight: 220.4
Total Weight Lost: 9.4

Let me start by explaining the delay in "Weighing In" with you.  I do the Weight Watchers at work program and so I weigh in every Wednesday at noon.  Well I work for a university and because of the Thanksgiving break we didn't have a meeting last week.  The numbers you see above are a result of a two week period. AND I DID GOOD!

Biggest Challenge: Thanksgiving!  I ate with someone else’s family and had to eat the goodies that they prepared - a very Cajun cuisine.

Favorite Meals: Whole wheat pasta with a tomato sauce, oven roasted tomatoes (that I made), and spicy Italian sausage.  And for dessert, a slice of Dutch apple pie!

What I'm Most Proud Of: I thought that I did a terrible job, but ends up that I lost 2.2 pounds (1.1 lb./week).

Goals for the Week: Start tracking again and getting back to being active!

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