Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday: Week 8

Current Weight: 225.2
Total Weight Lost: 4.6 lbs

Biggest Challenge: Getting over a cold and not having any water really was a huge hurt to me this past week.  I think that my biggest challenge is for me to get out of my own way!  I haven't been tracking and I haven't been drinking water.  I need to gain more self-control and get serious about my weight loss.  Looking at the calendar I could have met my 5% goal of 11 lbs by Thanksgiving if with ease had I not gained these last 2 pounds.  But today is a new day and with a little over a month left, It's a goal that I can still reach!

Favorite Meals: I can not tell a lie....I ate terrible this week, l0l.

What I'm Most Proud Of: I resist the fried chicken!  I'm not really a sweets kind of person so saying not to sugar is a challenge for me.  I'm a lover of food!  Saying not to fried foods, carbs, and mayo is what kills me.  So I'm going to continue selecting the healthy alternatives, but I know that it's okay to treat myself here and there.

Goals for the Week: This week I'm going to commit to tracking what I eat, drink more water, and get active to melt the weight away.  Most importantly I commit to getting serious about my weight loss!

Continue to pray.


  1. Girl it's hard for me to say no to fried food and mayo too! I need to drop a few pounds myself! Good luck with your journey.

  2. I wish you all the best. I need to work out and lift some weights myself.


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