Monday, October 10, 2011

Really!? Where's Your Business At?

Meet the cast of Basketball Wives L.A.  As I'm catching up on the past episodes of this season, I'm realizing that these women are so messy.  So claim to be Christian women, but the way that they dog each other is killing me!  What happened to minding your own business?  I understand wanting to protect your image and save your "boo" some embarrassment, but the group of women that I kick it with don't feel the need to be this extreme in "protecting the sacred circle."  What you did in your past has nothing to do with me.  So long as I'm not a witness to you doing dirt now, I don't care what you do.  Sorry ya'll I just needed to vent.  These women are show not the image of what I want my nieces looking up to.

What TV "reality" show just drives you up a wall?


  1. oh my gosh please don't get me started with this show!

    It's sickening the way these GROWN women act, like wow--if I ever thought Miami was gross this has been the worst casting by far.

    I agree their really crossing the line. Kids are off limits and Draya's business should be too!

    I had to vent--glad I'm not the only one disappointed in these girls.


  2. I haven't watched it. after the other bbw i vowed i wouldn't get into another one!

  3. Preach! I stopped watching on the first episode because the first thing they decided to do was fight. This show is horrible and I am so tired of the catty drama that they are teaching young girls. Although these women are well old enough to know better. It's just not cute!!


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