Thursday, October 13, 2011

Purging the Purse

I'm not a woman that changes purses to match my outfit so things tend to "gather" in my purse.  I don't know about you all, but I kept a lot of crap in there just weighing me down.  Tamera of Get It Girl Style does these posts called BAGGIN where people show the purse that they're rocking and what they keep in them. I got the idea to do something similar.

Last night I cleaned my bag and thought that I'd share the results with you...lets just say my back felt a lot better today.

The Purse has not life when there's nothing in it!

The Chaos

Just look at how much junk I was carrying around with me everyday!

The Results
What are your purse essentials?


  1. I have so much stuff! You have inspired me to clean out my purse...THANKS!
    S Nicole

  2. Very good for you! I am an admitted purse hoarder. Its pretty terrible. Good for you for doing the big clean! :)

  3. Looking like my purse> My purse essentials are:
    makeup bag
    smell good spray
    note pad and pen

    That's all that is suppose to be in there but I always clutter the bag and I get weighed down as well!
    Great post

  4. about a clean out. Looks great to me. I need to do the same. Thanks so the mention as well!



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