Friday, January 7, 2011

First Purchase of 2011

The Purchase!

So as I went to the mall to return some Christmas items to the store, I couldn't resist purchasing some items that really caught my eye.  My first stop was the Old Navy clearance rack where I found a great blue striped top for $7 and a gold piggy bank that was missing it's bottom for $0.49!  I figured that I could use the piggy bank as decoration.  I had a hard time deciding between silver and gold, but I might go back so I can have both.  Why not for $0.49!?

$0.49 piggy bank from Old Navy
And of course in order for me to get out of the mall, I have to go through the Forever 21 that has an exit to the parking lot where my car was located.  Know mind you that this is not one of the stores that carries Faith 21 so I knew that I couldn't fit anything but the accessories, l0l!  I noticed that there was animal print everywhere.  I don't really own animal print items, just a pair of amazing Steve Madden sling-backs (I looked, they're no longer available), so I thought that I might be able to find something that I could actually use.  And as soon as I saw the leopard print scarf, I knew it was mine! I love scarves and this is the time to be wearing them.  In California you can get away with wearing them for most of the year.  I look forward to wearing it with a colorful pair of pumps!

The Necklaces from Forever 21
After I grabbed the scarf, I walked straight towards the jewelery racks.  I was looking for a new long "pearl" necklace to replace the one I broke but I had no luck.  Not to fear, I definitely found some other pieces that I look forward to wearing.  I saw the green stone necklace in the People Style Watch Magazine (my favorite reference after people watching), and I knew that I wanted it.  When I saw the pinkish stone on the silver chain I grabbed it because I don't have any pink jewelery and its about time that I got some.

And after grabbing that necklace, I saw the pink and gold earrings (to the right in the bottom picture).  Never leaving the house without putting on some earrings, I grabbed some simple gold hoops that are connected together with gold thread and some silver earrings that reminded me of Heidi Kluem's jewelery line.  I looked around a bit looking for what else I could grab, but after calculating what I had in my hand I decided to head to the register.  And on my what there I saw this gold hot-air balloon necklace and I couldn't let it go.  My mom owns a home-based business and has a hot-air balloon as part of her company logo.  She explained that it signified the possibility of accomplishing the things that were once thought of as being unattainable.  So the necklace was a purchase that will help me keep my mom close.
The Forever 21 earrings
 I had fun finding these purchases and as soon as I start to wear them I'll be sure to keep you updated with a photo!

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