Sunday, June 13, 2010

Despite the Geese!

So as I was walking to work, there was this family of geese that eat on the grass. Well as you can see in the photo there are some baby geese that accompanied them. As I was walking down the little path, I heard this hissing sound. Being from California I automatically think, "snake." I looked around and didn't see anything. I was far from the grass and any bushes on all sides, so I started walking again. Well it turns out that one of the geese was hissing and started gunning it towards me. I start running in the other direction until it stops chasing me. I look back and I see the baby goose on the other side of the sidewalk.

So, despite the geese, I have been able to explore the campus a little and I absolutely love being here. This campus provides some really unique student services that I'm not used to seeing. They have a craft center where anyone can learn how to be a certified bartender in addition to talking photography and ceramic classes. They have a full-service beauty salon - manicure/pedicures, weaves, perms and waxes. That completely through me for a loop. And with this being a campus with so much acreage, they have there own transit system with buses running regularly. In addition to the student services, they have found a way to be inclusive to the diversity of their campus. They have multiple student centers, on of them being the Wang Center (pronounced wong). The dining place serves various types of Asian cuisine including Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I enjoyed some lamb samosa and the chicken curry at the Indian place!

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