Sunday, May 23, 2010

New York Wish List

So as I get closer and closer to leaving for New York for the summer, I have put together a wish list or bucket list of what I want to tackle before I come back home. So as I cross things off my list I will post the excitement and details of my accomplishments. And not to fret, I have things that I want to tackle around D.C. and Philly. But here's my New York list:

Lion King on Broadway

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Go to the Wendy Williams Show live taping

Sex in The City Hotspot Tour

Dinner & Jazz in the Cotton Club

Nathan’s Hot Dog

Ray’s Pizzeria

Sylvia’s Soul Food on Lenox

Jing Fong's for Dim Sum

Empire State Building Observatory

American Museum of Natural history

Museum of Modern Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Guggenheim Museum

Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island Ferry Ticket

P.S. I'm open to any other suggestions from the experienced.


  1. Go to St Paul's Chapel near Ground Zero. Inside has an amazing memorial and display (plus its free).

  2. I'm with you on the museums and Wendy Williams! How YooooDoooin lol.


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