Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here We Go...Hello

This summer will be full of adventure as I will be traveling to New York for two months for my internship with Stony Brook University in Long Island. Before I leave I will be celebrating a birthday with my family in Southern California. I'm excited to see what great adventures and blessings God has in store for me! I will be keeping track of the food, the sites, and the fun times with photos and anything else I think would add to the blog!

In addition to the adventures of New York, I will be writing about the love that I have for food and fashion. As I cook, I will post the recipes and the reviews that I got from my family and friends. As I dine out, I will take share my comments about what I delighted myself in. As I play with make-up and purchase new pieces to my wardrobe, I will share what I think of the looks that I come up with. I just hope that you can keep up with me, l0l!

1 comment:

  1. Have fun in NY, Shante! Such a great idea to start a blog... I might just start one myself. Thanks for the inspiration! :) Look forward to hearing how your summer goes!


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