Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Good Time at Camp Pride

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Advisors Academy boot-camp hosted by Campus Pride at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  It was six days of an intense camp learning how to be a professional that affects positive change on my campus as it relates to the LGBT community.  I had such a great time meeting colleagues from all over the country and some national figures advancing and educating within the community.

Although the learning that took place has charged me to make some improvements and changes to my campus, I really enjoyed the "camp" experience.  Never having gone to an over night summer camp as a child, this was my first time having that experience.  To be honest I was really nervous for several reasons: Am I going to be the only person of color? Am I going to be the only straight person? Am I going to feel like an outsider altogether?  No, no and no!

Some of my new friends & amazing colleagues.

I was fortunate to find that someone I went to undergrad with was there in addition to a colleague that I worked with for a national conference.  After being getting settled and making myself at home, I was able to be myself and make new friends.

Thanks to friends old & new I was able to really learn more about what I need to do the advisor to LGBT students.  We are all connected and the work that we do requires us to keep that in mind at all times in all aspects of what we do to produce the best students possible.

Special thanks to our Den Mother Ted - cookies will be in the mail shortly.

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