Friday, February 17, 2012

The Gift of Thrift

So this post is way overdo!  Before I went on vacation, I organized a Holiday party for few co-workers.  Because it was right before Christmas, there was a theme of "Ugly Sweater" but no one had an ugly sweater surprisingly enough.  Prior to the party, I helped a co-worker go shopping for something to wear.

We went to our neighborhood Goodwill and found a ton of blazers.  Nothing fit me, but she it the walked out with a least 5 at about $6 each.  This green velvet blazer was one of them.  To update it, we went to Walmart and found new buttons for $2 a pack.


To bring it into the theme of the party we walked over to the jewelry section of Walmart and found a snowman broach for her to wear with the blazer.

How did we do?

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