Monday, August 15, 2011


So today is the perfect day for new beginnings.  I went to the Weight Watchers at Work open house and decided that it's time to stop feeling down about the way I look and do something.  The last time that I was on WW it was great.  I was loosing weight and noticed that I was pushing myself to stay in the gym longer and longer.  I was really happy with my results, and then the dangerous part came.  I fell off the wagon!  I gained all my weight back, plus some.

I'm in a new city and I have big plans for falling in love.  Okay, maybe a deep like, l0l.  Either way, I want to feel good about myself.  If I'm doing whats needed to take care of myself, then I know I have no option but to feel more confident and comfortable about myself.  And having a lot of people at work doing it with me is reassuring.  I'll have a great support group.

Next week will be my first official weigh in for this new go around on WW.  I will be sure to check in will all of you every Monday as well.  I'm calling on you guys to keep me accountable.

Help me stay on track ya'll.


  1. I will keep you accountable because it will keep me accountable. Lets do this. I think WW will be a great program for you and you get others involved as well. Make sure your doing it for yourself!!

  2. Thanks Love! P.S. I miss you!


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