Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Place to Call Home

Please excuse me for not posting in a while.  I've moved from my beloved California to start a career in higher education.  I am the new Coordinator of Multiculturalism and Inclusion at Morehead State University...remember me talking about it here.  Anywho, I have a new place to call home as a resident of Kentucky.  I've been here for about a week and I'm enjoying myself.  The people that I get to work with are absolutely fantastic so I can only imagine that the students will be fabulous as well!

In these last 8 days I have been able to really feel my independence.  I bought a car and I've started looking for my own place (I was blessed with free temporary housing).  Coming from Cali I knew that the cost of living was going to be a lot less expensive, but I still couldn't believe it when looking at rental ads in local newspapers.

Monday was my official first day and I was welcomed with my very own office.  I'm still in the process of decorating so suggestions are more than welcome (more like needed!)  One of my new coworkers was so sweet and left me this welcome basket on my desk to welcome me to Morehead and the division.  I know that I'm going to have a great time working here with a lot of growing and changes ahead.

And of course moving means new adventures are in store.  The night I moved the Parkette in Lexington (1 hr away) was featured on Diners, Dine-Ins, & Dives, and this week Louisville (2 hrs away) is going to be featured on Man vs Food Nation.  Well because I'm temporary housing I have not pots and pans...yet...and I've been eating at the limited number of restaurants and fast food chains in Morehead.  Surprisingly there are 2 Mexican restaurants and I've been able to try one of them called Mi Monterrey.  Know being from San Diego I know great Mexican food, sadly that's not what I got, but to be fare it was better than I expected way out here in Kentucky.

Carnitas Dinner
As I have time to settle in and find an internet connection I'll be sure to update you all on my transition to Southern living!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, congrats on your move!!!
    I want to move to another state so bad, but I'm scared. Kudos to you for stepping out on faith and doing it! I wish you well!

    Congrats on the house car and job! :))

    thanks also for becoming CERTIFIEDchic!

  2. Congratulations on your move, the house and the new car! I agree with Inez...I would love to move to another state.


  3. Thanks Inez & Myeshia. It's quite the adventure and as I get closer to the 1 month mark I'm itching to see what all is out here. Everything is so close to each other compared to CA.


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