Saturday, June 18, 2011

Enjoying the Country Side

"Welcome to Kentucky!"  I'm can say that I've truly enjoyed my time here in Morehead, Kentucky.  The people have been very friendly and I haven't been surrounded by so much nature since I went camping in the 6th grade.  I was lucky enough to create travel plans that let me see almost the entire state in about 2 days.  I flew into Louisville and drove to Morehead (in east KY).  Just look at the view that I had:

Why are in you KY you ask?  Well, this little chick-a-dee had an on-campus interview at Morehead State.  I love the campus and the people - staff and students.  I am leaving with a lot to mull over.  I really enjoyed my time here and appreciate the hospitality that was shown to me.  The biggest questions that I was asked for the day was why I want to leave San Diego to come to little ole' Morehead.  It's something that I'm still figuring out, but I could definitely see myself here - bringing a little CA to KY.  Here's what I wore:
Jacket & Dress- Torrid
Jessica Simpson Peep-toe Mary Janes & Handbag - Ross

Well as I reflect on my trip, KY just might get a little more Cali in their lives!

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  1. I've never been to KY, but have driven through it quite a few times. :)

    I really LOVE your blazer. Thank you for stopping by my blog.


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