Friday, July 1, 2011

Cupcake Obession

So  this summer's cupcake obsession came with a bag of banana's that were begging to be eaten.  Although I love a good banana, there were too many for me to eat alone.  I remembered that I have this really good banana cupcake recipe.  I got lucky that this was around Father's Day.  I made the cupcakes as my gifts and to make sure that I delivered them all safely, I got these cute cupcake boxes from Michael's.

Topped them off with cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans, these were a big hit!  I got people who don't normally like banana flavored treats to fall in love with my cupcakes. 

They were enjoyed so much that I was asked to make cupcakes for a friends babyshower.

I made three flavors.  The banana of course, a lemon cupcake at the request of grandma & a chocolate cupcake with a marshmallow cream filling and butter cream frosting.  I was so proud of myself because I made them from scratch, what I think has become a lost art.  And all of the cupcakes ended up getting eaten by the time I left.  I made a total of 5.5 dozen cupcakes for the shower and whatever was left went to my Godparents and cousins. for a total of 7 dozen cupcakes!

As you can imagine it's been a busy summer in the kitchen.  This doesn't even account for the amount of cooking that I've been doing - shrimp fajitas, sausage and peppers & Dijon mustard and ranch baked chicken.  It's only July 1st.  I have plenty of damage to still conquer.  My dad volunteered my services for an office snack on Tuesday.  I'm thinking chocolate salted-caramel cupcakes!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I found your blog through another blog. Glad I found you.

    These cupcakes look so yummy!! Wish I could reach in to grab one :)

    Come over to check my blog(s) Lol! I have several but I love nail polish :)

  2. Seriously those cupcakes look sinful! Im with the other girl, I'm glad I stumbled upon this blog!

  3. Oh my, these cupcakes look AMAZING! You could have a little business on your hands!


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