Friday, February 25, 2011

I Win!

So a few things.  I won the BBM Torrid giveaway that I shared with all of you here.  You can check it out here.  I don't know what item is actually mine, but as soon as it gets here I'll take a picture and post it!

Next I wanted to share this new giveaway from Jasifers Lions Club for a $50 gift card for  I'm entering it and I hope that you enter too!  Jennifer asks that you share what item you would purchase and why.  I really like this dress because I find that it would be perfect for interviewing.  I'll be graduating this spring with my Masters and I have officially begun the job search process.  This dress will allow people to see my personality before my interview got underway.  Wish me luck ya'll!

I'll be having a food date with my friend Kevin next weekend in the city and I as I was checking out one of the posts for Cupcakes Take The Cakes I got super excited.  If you didn't know, here's a newsflash...I love cupcakes!  And next weekend there's going to be this big event of cupcake tasting.  Kevin and I share a love for food, so I'm hoping he's interested in attending this event after we're had our fill of Ethiopian food.  For more information on the cupcake tasting, visit my girls at Cupcakes Take The Cakes!

And most importantly...I'm finished with the first part of my Master's comprehensive exams.  I will submit the written responses in the morning and then defend them when I get back from Spring Break.  It's time to start counting down to May 7th!

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  1. congrats! it feels so good to win something!


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