Saturday, January 1, 2011

Come on in 2011!

So looking at the Blogs of the fashionista's that I'm following I've decided to start my 2011 with a post of what I envision my year to look like. So here it goes my 11 goals for 2011:
  1. Graduate & Work - May 7th marks the completion of graduate school and starts the count down to my 25th birthday. It also means that I have to stay on top of this job search, mama has to pay the bills! Did I mention that this California girl is looking to move out of state!?
  2. International Travel - I've never traveled outside of the country and being from Southern California Tijuana doesn't count. I started doing a lot of research over the summer and I think that I've narrowed it down to Jamaica. After talking with a couple of friends and my second mom, I'm debating if I should pick a city and stay there for a week or do a cruise. We'll see, but I'm leaning to an all-inclusive vacation.
  3. More Reading - After being buried under textbooks and scholarly journals, I just want to read books that help me escape from the chaos of everyday life. My goal is to read 1 new book each month. So that's 12 books for 2011.
  4. Baby Shower Extravaganza - So a couple of my Line Sisters are having babies along with 3 of my brothers, but my lovely #7 has commissioned me as the official planner of the Baby Shower. I was so excited that I have most of it figured out already, no need to wait right. Here's a sneak peek!
  5. TRIM THE FAT - My goal is to lose 40 pounds by Dec. 31, 2011!
  6. More Live Entertainment - I need to enjoy life so this means I need to go to more concerts, plays, art showings, festivals, etc. I need to be part of the fun that goes on all the time.
  7. Guilt Free Shopping - I want to buy things for myself without feeling guilty, something that I haven't done for a while as a result of worrying about everyone else.
  8. The Hearst Castle - Well this just makes sense. I'm a Hearst so it's only proper that I visit my castle l0l.
  9. Blog More - I was doing so well over the summer, but I can really use this blog as a way to purge emotions, safely obsess over fashion and food, and meet great people with great ideas and advise.
  10. Culinary Experiments - Not only do I want to try new cuisines but I want cook new recipes as well. Not having a kitchen in grad school has really made me miss cooking and busting some suds.
  11. Checking the Bucket List - I started a bucket list and I want cross things off while I still have my health and mobility.
So much to do, but if there's anything that I love it's a challenge!

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