Friday, July 9, 2010

The Glitz of New York City

OMG! I love the City! I had so much fun while I was out there a few weeks ago with my girl Tisha. The night I got there I was walking around so bright-eyed taking it all in. So that Friday we walked around 42nd Street & Time Square where I got to have a slice of cheesecake at Junior's and I was able to go shopping at the mega-Forever 21 that opened that day! I got this super cute dress, you'll have to wait for a photo of me in to see it. But I would definitely have to say that the most interesting thing that I noticed was the dudes - they try to get at you with no shame. I liked it, lOl! Even the cops on duty tried to get at us while they clearly in a deep convo with their partners on the corner.

After I got some cheesecake and shopping, we walked the rest of 42nd Street and took pictures at Time Square and then proceeded to walk around Manhattan. We walked all the way down 7th Avenue towards 14th Street. On the way I was able to see the huge Macy's, Madison Square Gardens, and the Empire State Building. We walked and I got to see the Chelsea area, the PRIDE of the city during Gay Pride Weekend. After that, we walked the opposite way to Union Square near NYU, but I was so tired that I didn't see a lick of the campus...all of this was between 12-4am.

The next day, I went shopping with Tisha's mom and let me tell you, this lady has some coupons that saved my life. I ended spending around $50 for $115 worth of clothes at New York & Company. After that, Tisha and I went down to Coney Island where I had one of Nathan's Original Hot Dogs. It was as good as it looked on TV. After I ate, we walked around the boardwalk and the fairgrounds. While on the boardwalk, there was a DJ playing all kinds of music with a crowd of 100 just dancing and sweating out all the liquor pimping through their systems.

The last day that I was out there I was able to finally go to church. Man let me tell you that I was missing me some church. After church Tisha took me to Bedsie where Ashley was staying in her friends Brown Stone. When we were outside waiting for Ashley to come out, Tisha was explaining that the Brown Stones were some of the original homes for African Americans in New York. They were also the place of Spike Lee's Crooklyn. On our way to the train station we passed Marcy Projects. I found it interesting that they were located on Stockton & Marcy Ave. I thought it was so Ironic that one of America's most dangerous housing projects was located on a street after a city that Forbes labeled as America's worst city to live in.

So Sunday evening was time for us, Ashley and I to get something off of our bucket list. Dim Sum in New York's Chinatown. We went to Jing Fong's on Elizabeth Street, right across from the 7th Precinct Police Station. After that we walked New York's famous Canal Street where I bought my first official knock-off handbag. That in itself was an interesting experience. It was so crowded and the Chinese girl was super sketch. Because it was so hot I had my first Italian Ice in lemon. It was so light and refreshing, what you see in the picture is a small one and definitely better than a cool glass of lemonade. We walk a little bit more before leaving for me to make my train back to Stony Brook, and got fresh coconuts to sip on. Can't say that i enjoyed it, but I think it tastes better than Thai Ice Tea.

I had so much fun and I'm hoping that I have a chance to go back at least once more before going back to California.

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  1. I am very happy you are having a great experience! Keep up the great work!

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