Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday: Late Check-in

Current Weight: 213.6
Total Weight Lost: 16.2

I feel so encouraged and proud of my determination to stick with my weight loss goals.  I've lost another 2.4 over the last two weeks.  I was ecstatic at the scale seeing that I've almost stopped going to the gym, I survived Fourth of July, and a trip to Chicago.  I'm hoping that I can keep the momentum up.  In order for me to get closer to my goals I'll need to do two things - get back in the gym and continue to make better food choices.  

I've started working on these goals just a little bit by taking up a spin class.  Someone has been trying to get me to go for most of the year, but my previous experience with it left a bitter taste.  I decided to suck it up and go, and now I'm addicted not wanting to miss a single class.  In addition to taking the spin class, I've started educating myself on my body type and the best ways to fuel it to get the results that I want.  (I'm also in the middle of a "no sugar" diet for 21 days with some of my line sisters...a real challenge)

I'm excited for the next Wednesday's results!

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