Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weight Loss is Hard

Current Weight: 215.2
Total Weight Lost: 14.6

Let's just say this was a hard day at the scale today.  I'm starting to get discouraged but I have to keep a positive attitude to get positive results and stay on track.  
I need to remind myself of my goals - the big picture.

Goals for the Week: Stay positive!


  1. Yes!! keep positive..Im on the path towards weight loss and improving my overall health..I just need more motivation..we should be fitness email buddies lol

    1. I would love to! My email is listed under the 'Contact Me' tab up top.

  2. You got this sis!!!! Have you thought of weight watchers? A friend of mine is doing it and it basically just teaches you to eat the right foods and in portions. Maybe give it a try. She said she lost 3lbs in a week.

  3. That's me by the way lol -KRIZ


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