Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Current Weight: 216
Total Weight Lost: 13.8

Biggest Challenge: Making the best decisions with limited time and limited money to feed myself.  I also got off track and didn't go to the gym all week.

Favorite Meals: I had a few favorite meals this past week.  The WW meeting that happened last week talked about making the best decision when eating out, plan ahead if you can.  Well I got to practice this twice. First, my boss treated me to lunch at Cracker Barrel on Thursday.  There I had the spicy grilled catfish fillets with turn-up greens, sweet potato casserole, and one scoop of ice cream.  On Tuesday I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had the naked chicken tenders with the dry rub on a side salad (no croutons or cheese) with my ranch on the side.

What I'm Most Proud Of: I'm making the right food choices that allow me to keep losing even if I don't make it to the gym.

Goals for the Week: Increase the water intake and get back to the gym!

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