Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Current Weight: 220.6
Total Weight Lost: 9.2

Biggest Challenge: Tracking.  Who likes writing down every little thing that they pick up? I'll tell you who the trainers from the Biggest Loser and that's it!  But I managed to track for a majority of the week.  I would say another big challenge came at the scale today.  After such a shocking weight loss I wanted to try really hard this week to keep it off and reach my 5% of 11 lbs by next week. 

Favorite Meals: I made chicken enchilada's and ate them with corn torilla's and reduced-fat sour cream...can't bring myself to fat-free quite yet.  I'm going to try and do a post later this month!

What I'm Most Proud Of: Although I went up 2/10 of a pound, I realized that I how I feel and what the scale says is much different.  The increase could be a result of Thanksgiving catching up, or water-weight.  Either way, I'm happy with my weigh in.

Goals for the Week: Continue tracking, stay active by doing squats and crunches during commercial breaks while watching t.v., and increasing the water - it's good for the skin and puts off the feeling of being hungry.

Have you ever just had a time when how you felt and the scale didn't match (in a good way)?  What do you do to keep yourself motivated?


  1. Most definitely!

    As of late, I've been at a plateau bouncing between 216-218lbs BUT I feel so good.

    The entire last week the elevator was out of service at my apartment and I had to walk up 4 flights twice a day just to get home but I survived it. I wasn't heaving after the 2nd flight like I would've have this time last year.

    So even though the scale shows me moving up, I feel like my progress is shining elsewhere.

    I have the same issue tracking...its a real bummer but we have to do it!


  2. Congrats girl! So proud of you. I almost NEVER weigh myself. I know when I'm up or down by how my clothes fit. Kiah


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