Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday: Week 1

 Hello my beautiful readers!  As you know I've just started on a new kick to get fit and healthy.  I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers (WW) and I just completed my first week on the new Points Plus program.  I've decided to post about my progress and journey to stay accountable, both to myself and to you.  Being so far away from home and having you guys is really going to keep me motivated!

Every Wednesday is my weigh in day for WW, and as a result I will be reporting to you all in what I'd like to call "Weigh In Wednesday", as well as the tracker at the top-right corner of my blog.  I will include updates from the scale and what my goals for the upcoming week are.  I'll also share the challenges, favorite meals, and what I'm most proud of from the previous week. (If you have suggestions be sure to leave a comment and let me know)

So here goes the first week!
Starting Weight: 229.8
Current Weight: 228.6
Total Weight Lost: 1.2 lbs
Biggest Challenge:  Watching the portions and recording what I eat.  I'm a lover of food so making smarter decisions about what I eat is going to be the best benefit to my weight loss goals.
Favorite Meals: A veggie burrito from Chipotle & whole-wheat pasta with marinara and hot Italian sausage.
What I'm Most Proud Of:  I went to the gym when it opened and worked out for an hour 30 minutes...I don't go to the gym so that's big for me!
Goals for the Week:  Increase my water intake, plan my meals so I'm getting all my nutrients, and exercise more.

Thanks again to all you beauts for supporting me through all of this.
Thanks for Reading!


  1. Congrats Shante!!!! I'm going through the same thing right now. Let's hold each other accountable! :-) You can do it!!! And trust, I understand those small steps, i.e. going to the gym! I have to force myself because I hate it!!!!

    I will be checking in with you on Wednesdays


  2. yay! Another Weight Watcher girl yessssssss I'm on too! woo hoo haha



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