Wednesday, May 25, 2011

P.S. I Love You!

Can I just say that I was meant to live in the least I think so, l0l.  After graduation, my mother provided me with an early graduation gift of paying for a plane ticket for me to go to Houston for my LS's (Line Sister) baby shower and for a graduation of a good friend.  First was the graduation. 

Congratulations to Dr. Frank North, Pharm.D. Texas Southern University class of 2011!  I am so proud of this man.  It took him quite some time, at no fault of his own, but he made that journey across the stage and I was screaming my but off!  TSU is a HBCU, so I was so proud to see so many of my brothas and sistas getting their degrees.

After the graduation, I went with Frank to his celebration lunch that his family threw for him.  We went to Wyatt's Cafeteria.  I was so excited to get some local food...I had Popeye's when I got off the plane, l0l.  The food at Wyatt's was fresh and wasn't heavy at all.  Because I'm trying to get my sexy right, I went with the healthier options of backed chicken, a whole wheat role, and a fruit salad.

After lunch was the baby shower.  Unfortunately, it wasn't what I wanted for my LS but she was happy that there were people there to support her and just love on her.  All I have to say is, don't volunteer to host a baby shower if you don't have the time or the means to do it right. 
Back to the regularly scheduled program.  

So because I wasn't able to make a pit stop before I got to the shower, I had to give my LS the gifts I brought when we got back to her apartment.  The next day we went on an errand run and I ended up getting her some more things that she was gonna need and more baby has to be fitted!

The night of the shower I got my first taste of the Houston nightlife.  I must say that I was neither shocked nor disappointed.  The club was more than packed and the atmosphere was decent.  I understand that Houston is a city that puts out a lot of the music in the underground scene and that they definitely have their own swag, but the majority of the music was local artists.  I'm from Cali so some stuff I was feelin, others I could have down with out.

The next day I went out again, but that wasn't a true reflection of going out in Houston so I'm not even going to mention it.  I'll be going back so next time I'll have more to share with you.  The morning that I left my LS, her boyfriend, Frank and I went to the infamous Crack Barrel for breakfast. It was one of the best breakfast's that I've had in a long time and they give you so much food.  I think that it was the way to start my last day.  I ended it by making a pit stop at Frenchie's, a fried chicken place.

Houston keep an eye out.  I'll be back soon enough!


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