Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Surprises

So before I tell you about my surprise, look at my Easter nails!...cute right?!
I'll list the names of the polish in another post

Now for the surprise...I work on a college campus as an advisor to fraternities and sororities on top of being a full time Grad student.  I will be graduating next week and then I'll be leaving my position at the end of May.  There is one chapter that I work more closely with than others, Alpha Phi, and these are a group of women that I love to death!  They know that I'm graduating and they supervised me with a cake and basket full of goodies...I like surprises and I like goodies, l0l.  Then they did this little power point slide that they do for all of their seniors asking me about my plans and my favorite memories of Pacific and their chapter.

They let me know that I will always have a home and they assured me that I'll be missed...this a great way to start the end of the school year.

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