Monday, February 7, 2011

30 for 30 Remix: Week 3

Day 15:  Sweater & Scarf-Old Navy/ Trousers-Target/Heals-Forever 21
Day 16: Blouse-Lane Bryant/ Trousers-Torrid/Flats-Ross
Day 17: Sweater-Old Navy/ Blouse-JC Penny/ Jeans-New York & Co. Sale/ Boots-Ross
Day 18: Shirt-Old Navy/ Trousers-Torrid/ Sandals-Sheik
Day 19: Scarf-Forever 21/ Dress-Ross// Flats-Ross
Day 20: Blouse-Lane Bryant/ Skirt & Tights-Target/ Heals-Forever 21
Day 21: Shirt-Old Navy/ Trousers-Faith 21/ Wedges (mall)

I love this coat.  Per the rules it's not one of my items as it's winter time and outerwear doesn't count.  Anywho, I was able to get this coat at a steal of about $40 - originally about $80-$90 bucks.  Old navy had an extra mark down on all selected clearance items and I had my coupon for an additional 10% coupon.

I'm so excited I have 4 days left before I've finished the 30 for 30 Challenge and I find myself already thinking of a late spring and summer challenges.  I'll post this past week once I take a picture of tomorrow's outfit.

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