Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 for 30 Remix: Week 2

For some reason this week was a little more challenging than the first.  Although this week was a little tough, I was able to add a few more items to the challenge - red suede pumps, linen wide leg trousers, and my black dress.  There were two days (12 & 13) were I had to were specific things, but I was able to make it work within the 30 for 30 Remix guidelines.  I had a hard time picking what my favorite outfit of the week was, but I went with day 8.  From head to toe it was my favorite on how it made my body look and who doesn't love sexy pumps that catch everyone's attention?!  I'm looking forward to seeing what I come up with for the next couple of weeks!

Day 8: Jacket-Torrid/ Top-LC via Khol's Sale/ Trousers-Forever 21/ Pumps-Torrid
Day 9: Sweater-Target/ Orange Shirt & Jeans-New York & Co. Sale/ Flats-Ross
Day 10: Sweater-Random/ Blouse-New York & Co. Sale/ Trousers-Torrid/ Flats-Ross
Day 11: Sweater, Shirt, & Skirt-Target/ Flats-Ross
Day 12: Dress & Belt-Torrid Clearance/ Sandals-Sheik
Day 13: Dress-Ross/ Pumps-Torrid
Day 14: Sweater & Skirt-Target/ Blouse-New York & Co. Sale/ Flats-Ross

the black and gold shadows from the 120 Manly PRO Pallet.

So this week I also had some time to play around in my make-up creating a look that I've never had before.  I sometimes get frustrated trying to put eye make-up on because I can't see without my glasses and the lighting in my apartment is terrible, but I do my best to make it work.  I also had the time to paint my nails, choice of therapy. 

Polish is Coconut Kiss from China Glaze


  1. i love your style! you are too cute!

  2. such a fierce eye look , i wish i could do my eyes like this but sadly im still learning looooool xoxo

  3. thank you! trust, I'm still learning myself. you just have to play around. I know I watched a lot of youtube videos

  4. you makeup looks gorgeous. You did a great job and you are right youtube does help out a lot :-)
    Enjoy your weekend!!! I'm your newest follower!! Great looks btw..I applaud those who have down the 30 day challenge b/c I'm still afraid that I can't, but I'm definitely considering it!!!


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